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A Business That Aligns with Your Spiritual Beliefs—with Wade Lightheart - EP 98

To build a business that truly makes an impact, it’s crucial to align the intent of your organization with your spiritual beliefs. Does the offering support the man you want to be in the world? Is your product or service providing real value? Are you just making money—or are you making a difference?

Wade Lightheart is the president of BiOptimizers, a company dedicated to providing the best in health and nutrition supplements. One of the world’s top authorities on natural nutrition and training methods, Wade is a three-time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion and author of numerous books on health, nutrition and exercise. He has traveled the world to study with physical, financial and spiritual masters, and now, Wade is called on to speak at wellness seminars around the globe and coach clients to optimize their health and fitness.

Today, Wade joins Emerald to explain how his sister’s cancer diagnosis influenced his passion for health and wellness. He discusses how curiosity in combination with a spiritual practice serve to fuel his courage and shares the spiritual journey that led him to win Mr. Universe as a drug-free vegetarian. Wade also describes the beauty of a strong coach-student relationship, exploring how a great coach helps you surrender your ego and accelerate your progress. Listen in for Wade’s insight on assembling a Jedi Council to gather input from multiple perspectives—and learn how to build a business that aligns with your spiritual beliefs!

What You Will Learn

How his sister’s terminal illness led to Wade’s interest in health

How curiosity + a spiritual practice serve to fuel Wade’s courage

The spiritual journey that led Wade to win Mr. Universe drug-free

Why it’s crucial to align your business with your spiritual beliefs

How Wade’s desire to serve informs the ethics of his business

Wade’s insight on the beauty a strong coach-student relationship

The value in surrendering your ego to accelerate your progress

Why Wade assembles a Jedi Council to confront inner conflict

How to pivot when working harder is causing more resistance

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Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

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