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Get Present & Reclaim Your Health—with Udo Erasmus - EP 122

If you don’t have your health, little else matters. And yet, many men don’t take care of themselves. We focus on DOING rather than BEING, and end up depleted—unable to help ourselves, let alone serve others. But Udo Erasmus contends that we can reclaim our health, and it starts with getting present in our own lives.

Udo is a pioneer in the health and wellness space, cofounding the Udo’s Choice supplement brand and launching the Healthy Fats Movement. He has impacted millions by way of 5K live presentations, 3K media interviews, and 1,500 staff trainings, traveling to more than 40 countries to share his message on achieving optimal health. Udo is also the author of Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill and The Book on Total Sexy Health.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Udo joins Emerald to discuss his calling in the healthcare space and passion to help others understand ‘the oil change the body needs.’ He shares his commitment to turn health into a teachable field, introducing us to his practices for BEING rather than DOING and describing the connection between clarity and the energy of life. Listen in for Udo’s insight on making decisions about what to focus on and find out how learning to sit with the ache in your heart can bring you home to yourself.

What You Will Learn

How Udo’s work with pesticides led to his calling in health

How Udo’s experience of war informs his passion to help others

Udo’s practice of getting still and bringing awareness inside

Udo’s commitment to turn health into a teachable field

The connection between clarity and the energy that is life

Why presence is key in making choices about what to focus on

Finding fulfillment that works for you and the rest of humanity

Udo’s practices for focusing on BEING rather than DOING

How sitting with the ache in your heart brings you home to yourself

Udo’s insight on trusting that the help you need will show up

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Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill: The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol and Human Health by Udo Erasmus

The Book on Total Sexy Health: The 8 Key Steps Designed by Nature by Udo Erasmus

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