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Optimize Your Health & Live a Balanced Life—with Troy Casey - EP 164

What does it mean to live a balanced life? Yes, it’s about eating well and moving your body. But it’s also about strengthening your relationships and your connection with the Earth. It’s about harnessing calm and opening your heart to the marginalized. True balance is about optimizing your health in the holistic sense and healing your mind, body and spirit.

Troy Casey is the CEO of Certified Health Nut, a holistic health practice that uses nature-based biohacks for restoring physical, mental and emotional balance. He leverages his extensive understanding of nutrition, herbs and detoxification (learned during his career as a Versace model!) to support people in living with more vitality. Troy is a student of health and healing, traveling the world to work with indigenous tribes in the Amazon and study Vipassana Meditation and Ashtanga Yoga. He is also the author of #RippedAt50: How to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World (No Matter What Age You Are).

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Troy joins Ian to walk us through the three major awakenings along his journey to a purposeful life, sharing his determination to restore our air, water and soil and build equitable systems for all of mankind. He offers insight around the elements of a balanced life, challenging us to take care of ourselves at the highest level so that we have the capacity to serve others. Listen in for Troy’s advice on getting started with breathwork and meditation and learn the first steps YOU can take TODAY to optimize your mental, physical and spiritual health!

What You Will Learn

The three major awakenings along Troy’s journey to a purposeful life

Troy’s extensive study of nutrition, holistic health and meditation

What drives Troy’s immense focus and determination

How we have compromised the air, the soil and the water that supports life itself

Troy’s insight around the elements of a balanced life

· Nutrition, hydration and movement

· Relationships

· Connection to nature

· Calm nervous system

Why it’s crucial to take care of ourselves at the highest level

Why Troy believes a clear purpose is the first pillar of health

The role of quality food, sufficient sleep and water in optimizing our health

Troy’s advice for getting started with breathwork and meditation

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Resources #RippedAt50: How to Stay Healthy in a Toxic World (No Matter What Age You Are) by Troy Casey Troy’s Video on Breathing Techniques to Release DMT S.N. Goenka’s Vipassana Meditation Maori Healers Ayahuasca Foundation Troy’s Breath is Life Program

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