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Engaging with Your Kids Through Daddy Talks with Tony Sanders, Jr. - EP 41

Being a great father is more than simply being present in the home. It’s about being actively engaged in your kid’s lives and taking the time to have meaningful conversations on a regular basis. It’s about ‘daddy talks.’

Tony Sanders, Jr., is a Fatherhood Coach for Legacy: The Fatherhood Initiative and the CEO of Abundant Life Consulting, equipping people to be the best version of themselves by way of programs, resources and coaching in personal and professional development. Tony is also the author of Daddy Talks: Empowering Fathers, Encouraging Children and Equipping Families and the creator of the Daddy Talks platform, where he challenges dads to break the cycle of silence.

Tony sits down with Emerald to explain how growing up without his father inspired Daddy Talks. He shares his mission around charging fathers to break the silence and describes how he ‘flipped the script’ on his own childhood to actively engage with his kids. Tony discusses his desire to be a father his children could be proud of, addressing the courage it takes to be transparent. Listen in for Tony’s insight around talking to his kids about racism in America and learn how he leverages small wins as momentum moving forward!

What You Will Learn

How growing up without a father inspired Daddy Talks

The dual purpose of the Tony’s Daddy Talks platform

  • Share conversations with children

  • Charge fathers to break silence

How Tony ‘flipped the script’ to actively engage with his kids

How Tony’s role as a pastor informed his decision to go global

How Tony’s desire to be a great father gave him clarity of purpose

Why Tony considers courage a natural part of who he is

The relationship between transparency and true connection

How Tony approaches conversations with his kids about racism

Tony’s insight on raising children to be, give and do their best

How celebrating small wins serves as momentum for Tony

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Daddy Talks: Empowering Fathers, Encouraging Children and Equipping Families by Tony Sanders, Jr.

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