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Real Leaders Reach Out with Tim Fargo- EP 39

We tend to believe that leaders have all the answers. But the truth is, real leadership is about a willingness to reach out to people with a wide range of knowledge and expertise, solicit feedback, and take the responses to heart.

Tim Fargo is an American entrepreneur, author and angel investor. He was the founder and CEO of Omega Insurance Services, a business he sold in 2003 for $20M. In 2013, Tim was using social media to market his book, Alphabet Success, and getting increasingly frustrated with the time it took to schedule evergreen posts. He asked friend and colleague Len Sixt to develop an app for his personal use, and that tool eventually became Tim’s current business, the popular automated social media posting system known as Social Jukebox.

Tim sits down with Emerald to explain why you should avoid chasing an ideal and set goals that work for you. He speaks to his decision to walk away from a $20M business, discussing how the company’s growth and advice from peers informed his choices. Tim walks us through the inception of Social Jukebox, describing how his own frustration with posting consistently to promote his book led to the creation of the tool. Listen in for Tim’s insight on creating a support system of people who possess a wide range of knowledge and learn why true leaders seek out feedback—and really listen!

What You Will Learn

Why you should avoid chasing an ideal and set goals that work for you

How Tim fostered the courage to walk away from a $20M business

How little Tim’s relationships or lifestyle changed after selling Omega

Tim’s view that the people in your life are most important

Why Tim prefers the comradery of a smaller organization

How Tim’s frustration with posting consistently inspired Social Jukebox

The value in repetitive sharing on social media

How Tim continues to leverage relationships from a 2003 mastermind

Tim’s insight on a leader as someone who reaches out to experts

How Tim uses travel as a way to celebrate success

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