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Building the Courage to Say YES—with Thom Singer - EP 90

Do you talk yourself out of trying new things because they’re not practical? Do you say NO to experiences because they might be too difficult or too expensive? Are you putting life on hold because it’s easier to play it safe? If so, it’s time to shift your mindset and build the courage to say YES.

Certified Speaking Professional Thom Singer has ten years of experience as a keynote speaker and professional master of ceremonies. An advocate for creating strong experiences for conference attendees, Thom is committed to helping people build meaningful business relationships that lead to better opportunities and more sales. He has written 12 books on sales, networking, and entrepreneurship, and Thom is regularly called on to speak to corporate and convention audiences. He is also the host of the popular Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast.

Today, Thom joins Emerald to discuss his transition from ‘chicken shit’ to saying YES. He explains how he builds his courage by consistently trying new things and describes how turning 50 and losing his dad motivated Thom to start putting himself out there. Listen in for Thom’s insight around leveraging a collaborative mastermind to hold yourself accountable and learn how to stop talking yourself out of things and make the conscious effort to LIVE!

What You Will Learn

Thom’s ‘tickets not trinkets’ approach to celebrating milestones

How speaking fulfills the part of Thom that dreamed of acting

How Thom builds his courage by consistently trying new things

What inspired Thom to create Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

How Thom’s podcast became his #1 networking tool

How turning 50 and losing his dad motivated Thom to say YES

The collaborative mastermind that holds Thom accountable

How being comfortable in your own skin facilitates clarity of purpose

Connect with Thom Singer

Book Thom to speak through his website at

In addition, we wanted you to know that Thom has a wedding to pay for this year, and in order to do so he’s started a NEW THING: He’s got a SHOP set up to sell T-shirts at Check it out and support him in getting his darling daughter down the aisle with ease, won’t you please?


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