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Building a Company Based on Truth—with Steven Sashen - EP 86

What gives Steven Sashen the confidence to build a company in direct competition with multibillion-dollar running shoe brands? In his words, ‘We have the truth on our side. It’s pretty effortless when that’s the case.’

Steven is the cofounder and CEO of Xero Shoes, the performance recreation footwear brand designed around natural fit, natural function and natural feel. Xero ranked No. 818 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in 2018, boasting 3-year revenue growth of 617%. A serial entrepreneur who’s never had a ‘real job,’ Steven is a former standup comic and award-winning screenwriter as well as a competitive sprinter—currently among the fastest men over 55 in the US.

Today, Steven joins Emerald to explain how repeated injuries and an experiment with barefoot running inspired Xero Shoes. He walks us through the company’s evolution from DIY sandal kits to full active lifestyle brand, sharing his motivation to start a ‘movement movement’ and afford people pain-free lives. Steven also offers insight into his creative process, discussing how he gives himself over to the muse when inspiration strikes. Listen in to understand the research around the benefits of natural movement, the misinformation promoted by the running shoe industry, and Steven’s incentive to grow Xero Shoes!

What You Will Learn

How barefoot running inspired Steven to found Xero Shoes

Xero’s evolution from DIY sandal kit to active lifestyle brand

Steven’s motivation to provide people with pain-free lives

The research around the benefits of natural movement

The misinformation promoted by the running shoe industry

The surge that characterizes Steven’s iterative creative process

The value in developing the discipline to create each day

Steven’s incentive to hit important business milestones

Steven’s self-awareness of the anxiety of procrastination

How Steven savors accomplishments by sharing food

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