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H.I.T. it Big with Honesty, Integrity & Transparency—with Steven Kuhn - EP 71

To achieve the highest levels of success, men need three things—honesty, integrity and transparency. Together, these qualities help you make difficult choices and build the trust and rapport necessary to thrive in your personal and professional life.

Steven Kuhn is a decorated US Army combat veteran and business consultant who supports entrepreneurs and leaders in expanding their brand, building value and developing beneficial relationships. He is also a sought-after speaker and bestselling author working to help individuals dramatically improve their quality of life through a process called HIT (Honesty, Integrity & Transparency), which reflects Steven’s approach to ‘the enterprise of life.’

Today, Steven joins Emerald to explain how losing everything forced him to dig deeper to find his truth and describe the immense courage it took for him to be 100% vulnerable in sharing his combat experience. He offers his take on how discomfort serves as a sign of growth, how teaching affords access to creativity, and the value of investing in what he calls relational capital. Listen in to understand how Steven works with clients to identify immediate impact revenue and plan their life enterprise—and learn how to be honest and transparent with yourself for the sake of your integrity!

**Emerald’s team is aware of the loss of sound quality on this episode, and we are working on a solution to bring our sound quality back up to the standard you have come to expect as listeners.

What You Will Learn

How losing everything forced Steven to dig deeper for his truth

The immense courage it takes to be 100% vulnerable/honest

The survivor’s regret Steven felt after returning from Iraq

How Steven curbs the urge to complain with a sacred memory

The experience that inspired Steven to impact the universe

Steven’s take on how fear serves as the bridge to greatness

How integrity is a biproduct of honesty and transparency

How Steven accesses his creative power by teaching others

Steven’s concept of immediate impact revenue

Why Steven coaches his clients to plan their family time

Steven’s insight on the value of investing in relational capital

The mentors who taught Steven to compete with himself

How Steven leverages ‘radiant value’ to celebrate his success

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