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Choosing Clarity in Moments of Crisis—with Steve Little - EP 82

We are immersed in conflict every day. Maybe you got cut off in traffic or encountered a problem at work. In those instances, it is easy to allow your subconscious to take over and extend the upset. But we CAN choose a different response. We can get clear before we react and stay centered in our truth. So, how do we opt for clarity, even in moments of crisis?

Acclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor Steve Little is the founder and managing director of Zero Limits Ventures, a firm that supports business owners in developing a winning exit strategy. Steve is known for generating extraordinarily high acquisition value for his clients and coaching them through the transition. He has led six successful startups of his own to private acquisitions of $120M-plus and personally mentored hundreds of business owners, corporate executives and entrepreneurs in the areas of conscious leadership, peak performance and revenue growth.

Today, Steve joins Emerald to discuss his ability to manifest money easily and his calling to funnel that resource to places of higher purpose, goodwill or intent. He shares his structured daily meditation practice and the Ho’oponopono clearing technique he uses in times of crisis, explaining the dedication necessary to prioritize clarity every day. Listen in for Steve’s insight on developing the courage to stand in your truth and learn how to stay solid, grounded and clear—regardless of the circumstances!

What You Will Learn

Steve’s natural ability to manifest money easily

Steve’s calling to funnel money to places of goodwill

How Steve receives inspiration from daily meditation

How Steve leverages Ho’oponopono in times of crisis

The courage required to stand in your truth

Steve’s Ho’oponopono practice

  • I love you

  • I’m sorry

  • Please forgive me

  • Thank you

How Steve helps people identify their purpose

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