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To Live on Purpose, Act with Intention—with Steve Gross - EP 160

What makes Steve Gross a man on purpose? His commitment to operating with intention. His attitude of generosity. His ability to act from traits of character like compassion and love—rather than react out of emotion. The question is, how do we work toward this level of awareness and align our actions with the kind of man we want to be?

Steve Gross is the Founder and Chief Playmaker of the Life is Good Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that spreads the power of optimism to kids who need it most. He is dedicated to addressing the social and emotional needs of children impacted by poverty, violence and illness, and his signature approach has been widely adapted throughout the world. Steve also works with corporations to demonstrate how optimistic leaders can inspire organizations through times of change.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Steve joins Emerald and Ian to explain what inspired him to pursue work that gives him a sense of meaning and fulfillment and how he became a part of the Life is Good company. He discusses why he doesn’t believe in the idea of giving back, but instead advocates for developing an attitude of generosity in every moment. Listen in for Steve’s insight around the role of intentionality in becoming a man on purpose and learn how YOU can be a part of Life is Good’s mission to spread the power of optimism.

What You Will Learn

What inspired Steve to pursue work that gives him a sense of meaning

Why Steve doesn’t believe in the idea of ‘giving back’

Steve’s take on sharing our gifts with the intention of elevating others

How to develop and attitude of generosity in every moment

How a shared mission led Steve to become part the Life is Good company

How the Playmakers contribute to making Life is Good stronger

The role of intentionality in becoming a man on purpose

Steve’s distinction between acting from a state of mind vs. trait of character

How Steve’s wife holds him to a high standard

The self-awareness that made Steve seek help from a professional coach

How to recognize when your behavior is counter to your purpose

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