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The Magic of Coaching to Inspire Action with Sean Stewart - EP 45

To live a life free of regret, you need to realize that the temporary discomfort of taking steps to fulfill your purpose is much less painful than giving up. So, how do you develop the courage to move forward and fulfill your potential? How can a creative coach help you shift from frustration to exhilaration?

Sean Stewart is the founder of The Creative Track, a business training and mentoring firm that supports mission-driven entrepreneurs in building lucrative lifestyle-friendly businesses they love. Sean’s background as a poet, songwriter and artist informs his intuitive approach to coaching, and he adds elements of live music, spoken word poetry and freestyle rapping to his events and workshops. Sean has 15-plus years of experience as a public speaker, and he has appeared as a featured expert on NBC and FOX News.

Today, Sean sits down with Emerald to share his early connection to the idea of spirituality and human potential. He describes the ‘lightning rod’ experience that initiates his creative process and the self-coaching practice he employs to build courage. Sean addresses the idea of living a life with no regrets, comparing the short-term discomfort of forward motion with the long-term pain of failing to follow through. Listen in for Sean’s insight on the magic of coaching to help you take action on your dreams and get inspired by his spoken word rap on the creative process!

What You Will Learn

Sean’s early connection to ideas around spirituality, human potential

How Sean elevates to each new level by listening and taking action

The ‘lightning rod’ experience that initiates Sean’s creative process

Sean’s approach to crashing through boundaries

The self-coaching practice Sean uses to build his courage

Sean’s high-level awareness of short- vs. long-term pain

How Sean uses his creative gifts for music and rap to inspire others

Sean’s reminder to transcend cultural conditioning

Sean’s insight around the magic of coaching to help you take action

The intuitive approach to coaching that Sean employs

Sean’s advice on listening to the call within you

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