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The Courage to Be Compassionate—with Sean Douglas - EP 113

Can you be a drill instructor AND a highly compassionate person? How do you reconcile a military background with a willingness to be vulnerable? What if it takes MORE courage and self-awareness to be a generous, heart-centered leader?

Sean Douglas is an Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of The Success Corps, an academy designed to help entrepreneurs, speakers and business owners improve their positioning in the marketplace and increase their profitability while decreasing their anxiety and stress. He is also the host of Life Transformation Radio, a podcast dedicated to teaching people how to withstand, recover and grow through adversity. A suicide survivor himself, Sean is passionate about inspiring others to cultivate resilience and unlock their true potential.

On this episode, Sean joins Emerald to explain how therapy helped him find the light in the darkness after his suicide attempt. He describes how he found his passion and purpose through speaking and serving as a drill instructor and why self-awareness is key in developing the courage to be compassionate. Listen in for Sean’s insight on conditioning the market to receive your service, seeking guidance from a ‘board of directors,’ and achieving success as a biproduct of the value you deliver!

What You Will Learn

Sean’s calling back to life after a suicide attempt

How therapy helped Sean find the light in the dark

How Sean found his purpose as a drill instructor

The connection between self-awareness + compassion

What made Sean choose to cease self-destruction

Sean’s insight around heart-centered leadership

How Sean conditions the market to receive his service

How success is a biproduct of the value you deliver

Why Sean seeks guidance from a ‘board of directors’

The value of mentors sharing their experiences

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Decisions: The Power to Overcome Self-Defeating Behaviors by Sean Michael Douglas

Emerald on Life Transformation Radio

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