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Break Free from Conditioning & Uncover Your Purpose—with Scott Haber - EP 76

Too many men allow societal values to dictate our choices. We end up in careers that don’t fulfill us, following the traditional trajectory of success because it’s what we’re ‘supposed to do.’ How can we break free from preconditioned societal programming, cut away the mental fog, and uncover our true purpose?

Scott Haber is a traveler, writer, speaker and nature advocate. He has a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Michigan as well as a background in meditation, nature-based mindfulness and spiritual development. After college, he received the Bonderman Fellowship, a grant that allowed him to travel and engage with unfamiliar cultures for eight months. Scott is interested in the relationship between nature and wellbeing, cultural conditioning, and the intersections between ecology and economy.

Today, Scott joins Emerald to share his journey from traditional medicine to biomedical engineering to writer and nature advocate. He describes the courage it takes to break away from society’s definition of success and the value of space and solitude in nature to connect back to yourself. Scott also offers insight around uncovering the purpose that already lives inside you, discussing the feeling of lightness that signals he is on the right course. Listen in to understand how societal values may be dictating your choices and learn how to leverage contemplative practice to find the path that is truly right for you!

**Emerald’s team is aware of the loss of sound quality on this episode, and we are working on a solution to bring our sound quality back up to the standard you have come to expect as listeners.

What You Will Learn

How societal values can come to dictate our choices

How Scott developed an interest in biomedical engineering

Scott’s introduction to contemplative practice in college

How Scott’s brain injury inspired him to live more sincerely

How travel gave Scott the freedom to explore his purpose

The courage it takes to break from society’s idea of success

Scott’s advice on getting comfortable with the unknown

How to uncover the purpose that already lives inside of you

Scott’s daily meditation practice to identify mental narratives

The value of solitude in nature to connect back to yourself

The lightness Scott feels when he is on the right path

What Scott is working on now in terms of nature advocacy

How Scott celebrates by recognizing his accomplishments

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