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The 3 Phases of Heroic Masculinity with Scot Conway - EP 42

When Scot Conway was 19 years old, his father said, ‘Scot, you’re not much of a man. I can’t help you because I never figured it out. You’re smart. You’ll have to figure it out.’ So, he did. Scot found the answer through his martial arts training, designing a model he calls heroic masculinity.

Today, Scot is a lawyer, real estate broker, and martial arts master with an impressive 15 books and 30 audio programs to his credit. Scot earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from San Diego State, a law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and a PhD in philosophy from Great Plains Baptist College. Now, Scot is on a mission to teach heroic masculinity beyond the walls of the dojo, helping men walk in their power for the sake of others.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Scot joins Emerald to share the story of his father’s charge to ‘figure out’ masculinity. He explains how the martial arts influenced the model he created in response and the three phases of heroic masculinity. Scot discusses the power of owning old wounds, gaining strength through connection, and walking the path to show others the way. Listen in for Scot’s insight on celebrating the progression and taking on each new level of masculinity with a purpose of excellence, not perfection.

What You Will Learn

The impact of Scot’s father’s charge to ‘figure out’ masculinity

How the martial arts influenced Scot’s model of heroic masculinity

Scot’s three phases of masculinity

  1. Responsibility

  2. Initiative over inviting

  3. Power over selflessness

The significance of owning the old wounds we’re still carrying

How men gain strength in connection with others

The sensei mentality of walking the path to show others the way

Scot’s insight around stepping up to solve problems

Scot’s mission to teach heroic masculinity beyond the dojo

Scot’s philosophy to carpe the diem—and then carpe the PM too

How to view the progression to a new role as a celebration in itself

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