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Healing Anxiety in the Mind & Body—with Dr. Russell Kennedy - EP 103

Our minds and bodies are inextricably connected. Chronic illnesses often have roots in childhood trauma, and mental disorders like anxiety and depression impact us physically, bringing the ‘issues to our tissues.’ To truly heal, we need to treat the mental AND physical aspects of what ails us, addressing the adverse childhood experiences that impact our long-term health.

Dr. Russell Kennedy is a medical doctor with expertise in neuroscience and developmental psychology, a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and a popular standup comedian who appears in comedy clubs across North America. Also known as The Anxiety MD, Dr. Russ is on a mission to help people understand and overcome excessive worry, anxiety and panic disorders, and he is passionate about leveraging allopathic and alternative medicine to treat the whole patient.

Today, Dr. Russ joins Emerald to share his experience as a multidimensional being, explaining how he uses a meditation practice to set intentions and navigate a life of diverse interests. He shares his decision to retire from traditional medicine and offers insight into how he serves people now as a medical intuitive. Dr. Russ also introduces the connection between adverse childhood experiences and chronic disease, uncovering his own childhood trauma and describing how it contributes to his anxiety. Listen in to understand why anxiety is an issue of the mind AND body and learn Dr. Russ’ integrated approach to healing from trauma!

What You Will Learn

Dr. Russ’ experience with being a multidimensional being

How trauma led Dr. Russ to seek energy from outside himself

How Dr. Russ uses a meditation practice to set intentions

Why Dr. Russ retired from traditional medicine three years ago

How Dr. Russ serves people now as a medical intuitive

The connection between adverse childhood events and chronic disease

Dr. Russ’ call for collaboration between allopathic + alternative medicine

The mind-body disconnect that produces anxiety

How mindfulness releases the default mode network

Dr. Russ’ theory of how anxious thoughts breed alarm in our bodies

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