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How to Age WITHOUT Getting Old with Rico Caveglia - EP 69

There is a big difference between aging and getting old. Aging is about reaching our full potential, while getting old indicates being worn out and unable to care for ourselves. Men CAN stay healthy and energetic and live to our full genetic potential—simply by making smart lifestyle choices around nutrition, sleep, movement and mindset.

Rico Caveglia is America’s Healthy Aging Trainer, and he has been living and teaching the Ageless Living Lifestyle for the past 20 years. Rico is also the creator of the Be Bold Never Be Old online wellness club and host of the new podcast, Fearless Ageless Living. The author of 17 books and training programs, Rico is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to stay healthy, fit and energetic for life.

Today, Rico sits down with Emerald to discuss how his understanding of our true genetic potential inspires his work as a health coach. He explains how a healthy, energetic body serves as the foundation for success in all aspects of our lives and why coaching is the most effective way to achieve our goals. Listen in for Rico’s insight around believing that you can stay healthy and vital long-term—and learn how to age WITHOUT getting old!

**Emerald’s team is aware of the loss of sound quality on this episode, and we are working on a solution to bring our sound quality back up to the standard you have come to expect as listeners.

What You Will Learn

How Rico got his start as a personal trainer/health coach

How understanding our genetic potential inspires Rico

Rico’s take on a healthy body as our foundation

How his father’s death informs Rico’s healthy choices

The distinct difference between aging and getting old

How our choices impact our ability to be vital, energetic

How Rico coached a woman to take care of herself again

Why coaching is the most effective way to achieve goals

Rico’s insight on love and fear as our dominant emotions

The value in believing you can stay healthy and energetic

How we get stuck in believing we are not creative

How Rico uses inline skating as a moving meditation

Rico’s advice on being adaptive as challenges arise

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