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Finding Forever Homes for Foster Kids—with Richard Villasana - EP 132

There are more than 400,000 children in the US foster care system. The kids who are not returned to their parents or adopted move from family to family until they turn 18. And a heartbreaking 24,000 age out of the system with no financial or family support. So, what can we do to either reunite these kids with family members or help them get adopted?

Richard Villasana is the Founder and CEO of Forever Homes for Foster Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving all foster children a happy, healthy life in a permanent home. An international authority on immigration issues and foster families, Richard has been featured on CNN International, Univision and ABC TV, among many other media outlets. He has also worked as a translator for the UN and served proudly in the US Navy. Richard has spent the last 25 years working with government agencies across the country to reunite immigrant and foster children with their relatives.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Richard joins Emerald to explain how he was recruited to unite foster kids with their families and share the sense of justice that inspires him to speak up for this voiceless population. He discusses why so many foster kids end up homeless when they age out and describes the disruption they face in the system, some moving multiple times in a single year. Listen in to understand how Richard’s work helps foster kids get adopted if their families can’t be found and learn how you can support Forever Homes as a volunteer or sponsor of the organization.

What You Will Learn

Richard’s experience in the international arena + background in languages

How Richard was recruited to reunite foster kids with their families

The sense of justice that inspires Richard to speak up for foster kids

How Richard helped 15-year-old Veronica connect with her aunts

What happens to foster kids when they age out of the system

How Richard helps foster kids get adopted if their families can’t be found

The disruption foster kids face in moving multiple times per year

How Richard benefits from running his nonprofit like a business

Forever Homes’ volunteer needs around SMM, events and fundraising

How companies can benefit from sponsoring organizations like Richard’s

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