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Motivated by Your Future Self—with Raymond Lott - EP 158

Updated: May 10

How do you source the motivation to wake up each morning and go after what you want? For Raymond Lott, the drive comes from an ongoing commitment to (and conversation with) his Future Self. He has a clear vision of the man he is called to become, and his Future Self pulls him forward on the journey.

Raymond is a US Marine Corps combat veteran and hip-hop recording artist known as The Marine Rapper. He is also the creator of The Military Musician, the premiere platform, directory and resource for military musicians and their fans. Raymond served as a combat correspondent with infantry battalions during deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan, earning a combat action ribbon and an award for combat photography during the same firefight. His music has been featured on We Are the Mighty, VET TV and the Range 15 movie soundtrack, and Raymond has performed in and hosted numerous live shows in Southern California.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Raymond joins Emerald and Ian to discuss his challenging transition from the Marine Corps to a music career, offering advice on how to combine self-awareness with a mission in order to find your purpose. He shares his calling to serve as a voice for the veteran community and explains how he draws courage from solitude and a hunger to be self-sufficient. Listen in for Raymond’s advice on generating forward momentum from your #FutureSelf to achieve big things—one step at a time.

What You Will Learn

How becoming The Marine Rapper was a role pre-written for Raymond

Raymond’s challenging transition from the Marines to a music career

What Raymond does to talk his vision into existence

Raymond’s purpose as the mouthpiece for the veteran community

How to combine self-awareness with a mission to uncover your purpose

How Raymond draws courage from solitude and a hunger to be self-sufficient

How Raymond’s future self holds him accountable to keep moving forward

The role Raymond’s mom played in cultivating his resourcefulness

Raymond’s advice on taking just one step toward a big goal

Raymond’s ability to navigate difficult situations with grace + humor

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