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Stop Running & Say YES to Your Calling—with Raleigh Sadler - EP 133

The vast majority of Men on Purpose resist their calling in the beginning. We don’t think we’re ready. Or we believe the problem is too big. Or that we’re not good enough. So, how do we develop the courage to say YES to the reason we’re here? And how do we keep moving forward—even when we’re face down in our own frustration?

Raleigh Sadler is the Founder and Executive Director of Let My People Go, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering local churches to fight human trafficking by identifying and responding to their most vulnerable neighbors. Raleigh has 19 years of experience in Christian ministry, and he believes it is the responsibility of the church to love those at risk of exploitation. Raleigh is also the author of Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Raleigh joins Emerald to discuss his introduction to the most vulnerable populations and explain how we create the demand for human trafficking with what we buy. He describes how he ran from his calling until the other things he’d been clinging to fell away and how a board of advisors helps him stay true to his mission. Listen in for Raleigh’s insight around the challenges of raising money and staffing a nonprofit and learn how celebrating milestones can help you move forward.

What You Will Learn

How we create the demand for human trafficking with what we buy

Raleigh’s introduction to serving the most vulnerable populations

How the things Raleigh was clinging to fell away to reveal his calling

The value in processing your own brokenness with a counselor

How LMPG empowers local churches to fight human trafficking

The idea of mission drift + having a board of advisors to guide you

How LMPG helps churches identify and respond to the vulnerable

The challenges Raleigh faces around raising money and staffing

Why it’s crucial to ask mentors for feedback as you seek clarity

How milestones help Raleigh when he’s ‘face down in frustration’

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Vulnerable: Rethinking Human Trafficking by Raleigh Sadler

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