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Interrogating Your Reality with Personal Development Coach Phillip Andrew- EP 28

Updated: May 11

What beliefs are holding you back? Where did they come from? Are they true? An integral part of personal development involves taking the time to ‘interrogate your reality’ and attack the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from the life you deserve.

A multidimensional Man on Purpose, Phillip Andrew is a media and personal development coach based in Los Angeles. He has 15 years of live performance and public speaking experience, and Phillip is often asked to present at high schools and colleges across the country. In addition, he has ten years of addiction recovery experience and a nine-year background producing digital and television content. Phillip has worked on shows for Netflix, YouTube Red, A&E, E! Entertainment, and Fuse, among many others.

Today, Phillip joins Emerald to explain how he made the shift from a mindset of self-interest to one of service. He speaks to the value in sharing your insecurities and being present for others to do the same. Phillip shares his own struggle with alcoholism, discussing the personal development work he did in the recovery process and how that informs his approach to coaching others. Listen in to understand Phillip’s idea of ‘interrogating your reality’ and learn about Phillip’s ongoing challenge to recognize what he cannot control.

What You Will Learn

Phillip’s shift from a mindset of self-interest to one of service

The danger in prioritizing ‘the brand’ in front of the person

How Phillip puts himself in a position to share his insecurities

The value of being present for others through deep listening

Phillip’s belief that a coach has to do the work themselves first

Phillip’s struggle with alcohol abuse

Phillip’s approach to the coaching process

  • Identify root problem

  • Establish definition of success

  • Instill sense of peace, confidence

The idea of ‘interrogating your reality’

Phillip’s struggle around relinquishing control

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