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Hold Yourself Accountable with 3-D Thinking—with Nathan Simmonds - EP 130

We’d all love to get more done in less time. To optimize our results and create the space to spend time with the people we love. But how? How do you take a hard look at what you’re doing now and architect a new way? How do you hold yourself accountable and course correct when necessary?

Nathan Simmonds is the leadership coach, trainer and consultant behind Nathan Simmonds Coaching, a practice that helps people stuck in their 9-to-5s take the lead in their careers and create fulfillment in their work. He capitalizes on the vulnerability and courage he’s gathered from his own highs and lows to support leaders in doubling their income or halving their workweek—so they can spend high-quality time with the most important people in their lives. Nathan is also the author of the forthcoming book, Stop Working, Start Living: How to Stop Telling Yourself Bullshit Excuses and Start to Live on Purpose.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Nathan joins Emerald to share his calling around challenging people’s thinking to become more incredible than yesterday. He discusses the value in exploring what you’re ashamed NOT to have done and recognizing that anxiety is the emotion of growth. Listen in for Nathan’s insight on expanding your bandwidth to take on new levels of complexity and learn his 3-D thinking model for assessing your progress and making adjustments along the way!

What You Will Learn

Nathan’s calling around challenging people’s thinking

The value in exploring what you’re ashamed NOT to have done

Nathan’s insight on life as a growth-centric experience

How to honor your courage by starting small

Leveraging fear as a sign you’re moving in the right direction

How to overcome fear + forgive yourself for playing small

Nathan’s challenges re: resourcefulness as his business grows

How to hold yourself accountable through deep reflection

Nathan’s 3-D thinking model for course correcting

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