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Helping Entrepreneurs Build an Extraordinary Life with Nathan Seaward- EP 40

Part of the appeal of entrepreneurship lies in the freedom it affords us to build the life we want. Yet many of us end up overwhelmed and overworked, stuck in an endless cycle of busy. How can we create a fulfilling business AROUND our lives? How can we design a truly extraordinary life filled with deep connection and adventure?

Nathan Seaward enjoyed a 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs create extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. Nathan also serves as the host of The Nathan Seaward Show podcast, and he is the author of the book Extraordinary Life.

Nathan joins Emerald to share his insight around confidence as a result of rather than a precursor to action. He explains how coming out taught him the value of authenticity and how to get comfortable with the discomfort caused by fear. Nathan discusses the value of coaching in guiding you through the decision-making process, describing how it allows you to share your truth without any obligation to take action. Listen in for Nathan’s approach to incorporating adventure and deep connection—and learn how to live an extraordinary life!

What You Will Learn

Nathan’s insight around confidence as the result of courage

How coming out taught Nathan the value of authenticity

How to get comfortable with the discomfort caused by fear

Nathan’s advice around sitting with the fear until it passes

How Nathan made the decision to leave his coveted career as a pilot

How coaching can support you in the decision-making process

The benefit of coaching in allowing you to share your truth

How Nathan helps entrepreneurs create a business around their lives

Why Nathan plays the long game in his coaching practice

Nathan’s approach to living an extraordinary life

  • Business, mission that pulls forward

  • More love, deeper connection

  • Adventure and excitement

  • Inner peace

How Nathan creates an intentional space for the creative process

How Nathan makes a conscious effort to celebrate his WINS

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