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Embracing the Chaos of the Creative Process—with Michael Roach - EP 91

If you’re a creative person, you’ve likely had the experience of being wide awake at 2am, your mind flooded with ideas. It’s an exhilarating feeling—and a maddening one. The creative process is anything but linear, and it can be difficult to know what to do with all those thoughts, especially when you aren’t sure how they fit into your current work. So, how do you learn to embrace the chaos? Is there a good way to organize your thoughts? And how do you make decisions around which ideas to pursue?

Michael Roach is the Founder of Michael Roach Creative, a firm that offers creative marketing solutions to help entrepreneurs and businesses be more visible and heard. A Professional Certified Marketer, Michael leverages creative thinking and storytelling to design customized marketing strategies that help companies grow. He also serves as President of the New York Capital Region Chapter of the American Marketing Association, facilitating networking opportunities and supporting members in advancing their professional status.

Today, Michael joins Emerald to discuss the creative process, sharing his approach to recording ideas and developing criteria around which ones to pursue. He describes his experience turning a perceived failure into something positive and offers insight on evolving WITH your plan as new opportunities arise. Listen in for Michael’s advice around marketing to your ideal customer, breaking down complex ideas visually, and making a commitment to keep learning—especially when it doesn’t come easy!

What You Will Learn

Michael’s early interest in entrepreneurship and marketing

The value of turning failure into something positive

Michael’s insight on how to evolve with your plan

How to identify and market to your ideal customer

Michael’s visual approach to breaking down a complex idea

Michael’s method of recording his creative ideas

How to leverage creativity on digital platforms

Michael’s commitment to learning and sharing new skills

How to develop criteria to decide which ideas to pursue

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