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Shedding the Armor and Sharing Your Truth with Michael Hrostoski - EP 11

Updated: May 10

Men are often taught to play it close to the vest, to avoid showing any vulnerability. So what gives a man the courage to strip away the armor and share his truth on sensitive topics like spirituality, creativity and sexuality?

Michael Hrostoski is passionate about helping men create Love, Power and Freedom in every area of their lives. Founder of The School for Men, Michaels seeks to make the world a better place one man at a time, helping his clients reconnect with their heart, their balls, and their voice to create lives of freedom and fulfillment. He is known for living a life without secrets, openly sharing his fears, challenges and breakthroughs online for all the world to see—and today is no different.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Michael joins Emerald to share his belief that we are all unique individuations of God, explaining the connection between spiritual access and creativity. He discusses his talent for seeing potential value in individuals and businesses, his willingness to share his experience of awakening, and his journey to energetic awareness and sacred sexuality. Listen in for Michael’s insight on the power that comes from honoring the feminine, telling the truth, and following your highest excitement.

What You Will Learn

Michael’s belief that we all have direct access to God

How spiritual access corresponds with creativity

The value of staying grounded in the human experience

Michael’s gift for serving others as a Projector or guide

  • Brings energy of God/love

  • Sees potential value, brings to light

Why Michael is willing to share his experience of awakening

The guilt and shame around sexuality in Michael’s youth

Michael’s discovery of sacred sexuality and energetic awareness

Michael’s humbling exploration of sexual entitlement

The power in getting clear on your relationship with women and sex

Michael’s advice to his 17-year-old self regarding truth and connection

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Autobiography of a Yogi by P. Yogananda

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