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From Excuses to Solutions—with Maxwell Ivey - EP 140

When presented with a new idea or opportunity, how do you respond? Do you make excuses around why you can’t get the job done? Or do you ask, “How do I do that?” Are you ready to stop justifying why you can’t follow your dreams and start finding solutions?

Maxwell Ivey is the creator of The Blind Blogger, a platform where he shares his experiences as a blind entrepreneur. Maxwell transformed himself from morbidly obese failed carnival owner to respected equipment broker, and today, he inspires others as a coach, speaker, author, online publicist and host of What’s Your Excuse?, a podcast that challenges listeners to stop making excuses and achieve their big vision.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Maxwell joins Emerald to explain how retinitis pigmentosa caused him to lose his sight and what inspired him to share his journey as a blind entrepreneur. He discusses his powerful capacity for finding solutions rather than making excuses and weighs in on how to overcome adversity by way of forward motion. Listen in for Maxwell’s insight on staying positive despite unforeseen circumstances, choosing adventure over what you ‘should’ do, and accepting help when it’s offered.

What You Will Learn

The retinitis pigmentosa that caused Maxwell to gradually lose his sight

How the family business inspired Maxwell’s entrepreneurial ventures

How Maxwell came to share his experiences as a blind entrepreneur

Maxwell’s powerful capacity for finding solutions vs. making excuses

How Maxwell thinks about overcoming adversity by moving forward

The creative opportunities that are all around us if we pay attention

Maxwell’s insight on staying positive despite unforeseen circumstances

Why Maxwell chooses adventure over more conservative, safe options

Maxwell’s advice on asking for opportunities and accepting other’s help

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The Blind Blogger’s NYC Adventures: How You Can Make YOUR Dreams Come True by Maxwell Ivey

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