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Harnessing Confidence Through Self-Understanding with Max Marmer- EP 18

Updated: May 10

How do you develop the courage to jump off a ledge and ‘assemble a plan on the way down’? Max Marmer believes that confidence comes from knowing who you are and developing that. So what tools are out there to help you achieve that kind of self-understanding and clarity of purpose? And how exactly do you practice stepping into your courage, developing confidence as part of your skill set?

Max is a serial entrepreneur, investor, spiritual guide, philosopher and polymath. He was the co-founder of Startup Genome, a research project involved in collecting the world’s largest comprehensive dataset of high-growth technology startups and releasing reports covered in the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. Max also co-founded Compass, a business intelligence tool for eCommerce that was acquired by The Sage Group in 2013. His latest venture is TrueSelf, a transformative technology startup providing dynamic tools for self-awareness. Max is dedicated to enabling humanity to flourish in the 21st century.

Today, Max sits down with Emerald to explore his early awareness of multidimensionality and how he navigates between maps and territory to further his understanding of himself and the universe. He explains the concept of biohacking, sharing how he utilizes its principles to increase his energy and mental sharpness. Max walks us through the life cycle of a successful startup, discussing how self-awareness and clarity of purpose have contributed to his confidence as an entrepreneur and the dynamic tools for self-understanding offered by his new company TrueSelf. Listen in for Max’s insight around the power of integrating across disciplines and the opportunity for men to design a new model of masculinity in the current cultural moment.

What You Will Learn

Max’s early awareness of multidimensionality

How Max navigates between maps and territory to understand himself, the universe

How Max leverages biohacking to increase energy and mental clarity

Max’s take on the crossover between the inner and outer world

How Max uses applied kinesiology to identify his body’s needs

The life cycle of a successful startup

  • Discovery

  • Validation

  • Efficiency

  • Scale

The idea of confidence as a practice and a skill

How self-understanding and purpose informs confidence

How Max employs faith to endure the darkness of the ‘crash and burn’

How Max’s new company TrueSelf offers dynamic tools for self-understanding

The definition of a polymath

How power and innovation comes from integrating across disciplines

The opportunity to develop a new model of masculinity in this cultural moment

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