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Finding Solutions When Failure is Not an Option—with Matt Sweetwood - EP 84

When the mother of his five children walked out, Matt Sweetwood HAD to take on the responsibility of raising his kids. And because failure was not an option, he leveraged that feeling of desperation to face the difficult challenges of being a single dad and find the creative solutions necessary to keep both his business and his family moving forward.

Matt has 30-plus years of experience as a business leader and entrepreneur, currently serving as the CEO of beBee, Inc., a social network and digital marketing automation platform. He has also been credited with the reinvention of the modern camera store and developing the country’s largest in-store photography education program. But Matt considers his greatest achievement to be raising his five children to adulthood as a single father. Now, he is a life and business coach and a regular contributor to publications such as The Good Men Project, Entrepreneur Magazine and The Huffington Post. Matt has been featured on NBC News, CBS and FOX News, and his book, Leader of the Pack, reached #1 on Amazon in the self-help category.

Today, Matt joins Emerald to explain how difficult circumstances in his business and personal life forced him to reinvent himself on both fronts. He shares the challenges he faced as a single father of five in the late 1980’s, describing how his children gave him the courage necessary to put on his ‘man up’ shorts. Matt also offers insight into how spirituality became a guiding force in his life and why holding anger in your heart dissipates useful energy. Listen in for Matt’s take on the role of intuition and ‘desperation gasoline’ in creative problem-solving—and learn how to channel your energy when failure is not an option!

What You Will Learn

Matt’s obligatory calling in his business and personal life

The challenges Matt faced as the single father of five

How Matt came to realize that being ‘Dad’ was enough

How Matt’s children served as the source of his courage

How spirituality came to be a guiding force in Matt’s life

The role of intuition and desperation in finding solutions

Matt’s insight on how anger dissipates useful energy

Matt’s approach to enjoying important milestones

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Leader of the Pack: How a Single Dad of Five Led His Kids, His Business and Himself From Disaster to Success by Matt Sweetwood

Matt’s Article in The Good Men Project

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