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Helping Good Men Become Great Dads with Matt Hall- EP 21

Updated: May 10

What does it mean to be a great dad? Conventional wisdom tells us that it is about providing for your family… But providing what, exactly? What is it that your kids really want—and need—from you? Matt Hall contends that you already have all the tools you need to be the best version of yourself as a father, and he is on a mission to help good men unpack the type of parent they want to be and ultimately become great dads.

Matt is the founder of Organic Man, a coaching program that supports men in achieving a better balance between career and family and developing strong relationships with their children. Prior to his work as an entrepreneur and executive coach, Matt spent 15 years in the field of education, working with thousands of parents and their children in the UK and the Middle East. He also happens to be the father of three girls under the age of nine.

Today, Matt sits down with Emerald to explain how he found his niche in helping good men become great dads. He shares his take on the immense value of coaching, discussing how it enables conscious choice and helps men uncover the kind of dad they want to be. Matt offers his insight around the influence of mindset, faith and community in harnessing your courage. Listen in for Matt’s definition of what it means to provide for your family and learn how to be the best version of yourself for your kids.

What You Will Learn

How Matt found his niche in helping men become great dads

Matt’s calling to serve kids by coaching parents

Matt’s take on coaching as enabling conscious choice

How Matt coaches men to uncover the type of dad they want to be

Matt’s advice around exercising your courage

  • Mindset

  • Faith

  • Community

The benefit of reveling in the process vs. trying to control the outcome

Matt’s insight on what it means to provide for your family

The challenge in uncoupling the link between success and income

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