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A New Vision for Education—with Lee Jenkins - EP 149

The current education system uses data for harm. By ranking and comparing students, we create winners and losers in the classroom. And while the hope is that competition will motivate students to learn, the opposite holds true, as students on the wrong side of the bell curve lose their enthusiasm for school altogether. So, how can we reinvent our schools to use data for joy? How can we inspire ongoing student engagement and help our kids strive for their all-time best—each and every day?

Career educator Lee Jenkins is the creator of L to J Consulting, a practice that helps school districts keep students engaged from kindergarten through Grade 12. Lee’s revolutionary system is built on the principles of continuous improvement and growth mindset, and the schools he supports boast six times the learning of the average classroom. Lee has more than 50 years of experience as a teacher and administrator, and he is the author of the Amazon bestseller How to Create a Perfect School.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Lee joins Emerald to discuss the fundamental problem with education—believing we need to motivate students through competition. He shares his vision for the perfect school built around the idea of striving to achieve your all-time best and explains how his system promotes both individual achievement and team contribution. Listen in to understand how SKILL, WILL and THRILL work together to facilitate learning and find out how you can protect your child’s intrinsic motivation to learn!

What You Will Learn

How W. Edwards Deming’s work on data inspired Lee to his calling

The fundamental problem with believing we need to motivate students + employees

Lee’s insight on a parent’s role in protecting their child’s intrinsic motivation

Lee’s vision for a perfect school built around the idea of striving for all-time best

The danger in the rank and compare model of our current system

How SKILL, WILL and THRILL work together to facilitate learning

The L to Bell to J progression of learning throughout a schoolyear

How Lee’s system promotes team contribution AND individual achievement

The challenge Lee faces in getting his work out to more schools

What differentiates cramming from true learning

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How to Create a Perfect School: Maintain Students’ Motivation and Love of Learning from Kindergarten through 12th Grade by Lee Jenkins

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Double Blessing by Mark Batterson

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