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Surrender & Say YES to Your Higher Purpose—with Lee Harris - EP 99

Are you ready to say YES to your higher purpose? To surrender to the flow of energy rather than trying to control what you’re creating? To honor the part of yourself that is scared—and commit to moving forward anyway?

Lee Harris is a globally recognized Energy Intuitive and Transformation Guide and the author of Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving and Awakening. His multimedia event company and production house, Lee Harris Energy, serves creatives, healers and entrepreneurs in navigating life with clarity and optimism. The platform offers monthly Energy Update videos, Impact the World and Own Your Value courses, and annual Soul Magic and Energy Mastery retreats. Lee is also a musician and artist, and he regularly incorporates sound-healing into his work.

Today, Lee joins Emerald to share his experience of being called to use his voice to heal. He offers insight around listening carefully in order to speak correctly and explains why he says YES to the things that scare him. Lee also discusses the connection between sexual and creative energy, describing how both take us beyond the mind and physical body. Listen in to understand how following the flow of energy facilitates Lee’s creative process and learn how to surrender to your own YES rather than trying to control or perfect what comes through.

What You Will Learn

Lee’s experience of being called to use his voice to heal

Lee’s insight around listening closely to speak correctly

The role self-care + simplicity play in giving Lee clarity

Lee’s commitment to say YES to things that scare him

The connection between sexual and creative energy

How body listening facilitates Lee’s creative process

How Lee reframes commitment with freedom in mind

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Energy Speaks: Messages from Spirit on Living, Loving and Awakening by Lee Harris

Psychology of Vision International

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