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Transform Your Life Through Travel—with Lane Belone - EP 112

Travel gives us the opportunity to explore new places and learn about other cultures. But it is also an opportunity to learn about yourself. In fact, Lane Belone contends that the experience of travel can be transformational, helping you grow as a person and develop a powerful sense of connection and worthiness.

Lane is the creator of Increase Freedom, a program designed to help people transform their lives through travel and the power of alignment. A former US Army Special Forces Veteran, Lane has traveled to 36 counties on six continents, and now, he leverages that experience to coach clients in overcoming mental blocks and gaining life-changing clarity by way of breakthrough experiences abroad.

On this episode, Lane joins Emerald to explain how intentional travel sets up the conditions for insight. He describes his own experiences in Peru and Tanzania, sharing his self-discoveries around connection and providing for others. Listen in for Lane’s advice on living in wonder rather than judgement and learn how to open yourself to opportunities for transformation through travel!

What You Will Learn

Lane’s decision to leverage travel to grow as a person

How intentional travel sets up the conditions for insight

How Lane’s Peru trip allowed him to release self-doubt

What Lane learned about himself in climbing Kilimanjaro

Lane’s insight around connection + providing for others

How mastery of self leads to wonder over judgement

Lane’s step-by-step process of making decisions

  1. Slow down thoughts

  2. Observe + take action

  3. Deal with details later

Lane’s unique, macro approach to questioning challenges

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