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Overcome Limiting Beliefs and START—with Lance Essihos - EP 81

Are you on the fence about starting a new venture or sharing your voice with the world? Maybe you’re afraid that people won’t care or that you’re not ready… But the fact is, your story matters. And while you may not resonate with everyone, you will connect with some people—and you never know what kind of impact you might have until you put yourself out there. So, how do you get past the limiting self-beliefs and START?

Lance Essihos is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs in overcoming their failures and achieving the freedom they deserve. Lance is intimately familiar with the process, having lost his brother to suicide and his father to cancer in two short years. He realized that he was not fulfilling his purpose and made a commitment to quit drinking for a year while he built an online marketing and coaching business. Today, Lance mentors others in surviving tragedy and rekindling their passions to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs through the University of Adversity podcast.

Today, Lance sits down with Emerald to discuss the sequence of events that led to his decision to give up alcohol for a year. He explains how he was able to continue working in bars without getting caught up in the toxic side of that world and describes the flood of creativity he experienced once he got sober. Lance also shares the inspiration for his coaching practice and podcast, discussing his intention to help people on a large scale and support others in creating a vision for the future. Listen in for Lance’s advice around taking action on your impulses and realizing that you don’t have to be an expert to START.

What You Will Learn

How Lance realized that alcohol was getting in his way

How Lance learned to treat bartending like a career

The flood of creativity Lance experienced with sobriety

The inspiration for Lance’s podcast/coaching practice

Lance’s realization he could help people on a large scale

The potential to connect with people online via content

Lance’s insight that you don’t have to be an expert to start

The role of communication in coaching and mentorship

The value of helping people create a vision for the future

The daily commitment it took to quit drinking for a year

How going back to your WHY supports accountability

Lance’s advice around taking action on your impulses

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