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Listen, Connect and Be the Cat with Boston Speaks Founder Kit Pang - EP 7

Updated: May 10

Two monologues do not make a dialogue. To truly connect, you have to listen and appreciate the mindset of the people who matter. Kit Pang lives by this philosophy, bringing a community framework to the decision-making process in both his personal and professional life. And this approach has informed his success in generating revenue: ‘Anything that we do in life, if it’s a product or if it’s a service, you’re always helping others—and that’s when it turns into money.’

A well-known communications expert and keynote speaker, Kit is passionate about helping people become exceptional speakers and communicators. To that end, he is the founder of Boston Speaks, an elite business, leadership and communications training firm that seeks to equip individuals with the necessary skills, community and mindset to achieve professional success.

Today Kit joins Emerald to share his philosophy around decision-making, explaining the ‘right choice for us’ framework he uses to sync his personal and professional life. He discusses his Be the Cat approach to life and work—using feedback to appreciate the customer’s mindset, design products and services that sell, and deepen connections with the people who matter. Kit addresses his transition from the world of hip-hop dance to the public speaking space, the value of creating your own way as you go, and his take on speaking as a lifestyle. Listen in for Kit’s insight on the four reasons people fail and understand his community approach to mentorship!

What You Will Learn

Kit’s family-centered decision-making process

How to build a business based on customer feedback

The individual nature of the creative process

Kit’s insight around taking action on your creative inspiration

How Kit made the transition to the public speaking space

The value in creating your own way as you go along

The importance of making clear the product or service your offer

Kit’s vision around the potential to expand Boston Speaks

Kit’s approach to deepening connections with people who matter

  • Listen to appreciate culture, beliefs, values

  • Make an effort to understand mindset

Why Kit sees speaking as a lifestyle

Kit’s four secrets to creating a WIN

  • Consistency

  • Systems

  • Accountability

  • Mentors

How Kit leverages mastermind groups for support, mentorship

Kit’s method of ‘internal celebration’

Connect with Kit Pang

Boston Speaks


Text (857) 753-8211


Kit’s TEDx Talk: Listening Matters

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