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Publishing, Parenting and Playing Pirates with Children’s Author Kimball Crossley - EP 9

Updated: May 10

“We might stress out about something in the real world, whether it’s traffic or parking or something going not the way you want at work, and all you have to do is come home to a child, and watch that child eat a bowl of ice cream or celebrate seeing a bunny in the yard, and you realize how … they’re so in the moment and it’s so easy to please them in the simple pleasures of life. It makes me realize, ‘What am I worried about this for? Why do I get hung up on that?’ That’s the celebration for me—those moments. And [my daughters] bring that home for me.”

When it comes to parenting, there is no ‘getting it right.’ We’re all just winging it, acting on instinct to do the best we can. Best case, you make decisions out of love and savor those perfect moments that make it all worth, even on the most frustrating days. Kimball Crossley’s daughters inspired him to write When I Am with Dad, a picture book that celebrates spending time with dad—even if he does things a little differently.

Kimball enjoyed a 13-year career as a sportswriter with bylines in The New York Times and The Providence Journal, among others, before becoming a professional baseball scout for the Toronto Blue Jays. On this episode of Men on Purpose, Kimball joins Emerald to share his motivation to write the picture book and the long, arduous process of getting published. He offers his vision for When I Am with Dad moving forward, explaining how the book fills a gap in the market and his confidence in the power of the book to ‘sell itself.’ Listen in for Kimball’s ‘act out of love’ approach to parenting, and learn how his daughters keep him grounded in what’s truly important.

What You Will Learn

What inspired Kimball to write When I Am with Dad

Kimball’s motivation to persevere during the five-year publishing process

Kimball’s vision for the book moving forward

How Kimball solicited feedback from industry, non-industry players

Kimball’s insight around parenting

  • There’s no ‘getting it right’

  • Follow instincts, act out of love

Kimball’s approach to parenting

  • Have structure in mind

  • Stay open to kids’ needs

How Kimball’s theatre background informs his parenting

How Kimball’s daughters remind him of what’s truly important

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