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Kevin Thom: Art, Beauty and the Creative Process - EP 6

Updated: May 10

One element of being a man on purpose is the ability to channel your creativity. Photographer Kevin Thom is an authority in this arena, finding the beauty in his subjects and then elevating those elements for others to see. He takes an art-centered approach to every project, communicating visually through unorthodox lighting, angles, perspective and composition.

Kevin was hooked on photography from an early age, exploring the Time Life series of books on photography and experimenting with the manual camera his father gave him as a ten-year-old. But it wasn’t until he was an adult working in computers that Kevin rediscovered his love of the discipline through digital photography—and realized that he could make money pursuing his passion. He established Kevin Thom Photography in November of 2002, and he has spent the last 15 years honing his expertise in commercial, art, architecture and headshot photography.

Kevin’s award-winning work has appeared on book covers and in numerous publications around the world, and he has exhibited his artistic and conceptual photography in Canada, the US and overseas. Today he joins Emerald to explain how his approach to money changed when he made photography a career. Kevin shares the collaborative nature of his process, discussing how he works with partner Laura Hollick to move an idea from concept to creation. He offers his insight around leveraging intuition, exploring your own idea of beauty, and taking the time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished when a project is complete. Listen in and learn how to achieve clarity, elevate beauty and feed your own creativity!

What You Will Learn

How Kevin’s approach to money changed when he found his purpose

How working in computers reignited Kevin’s passion for photography

Kevin’s aspiration for continuous improvement

The collaborative nature of Kevin’s creative process

How Kevin leverages intuition to identify solutions, next steps

The practices that provide Kevin with clarity

  • Eating well

  • Permission to rest

  • Finding kind ways to say ‘no’

Kevin’s guidance around treating yourself like a friend

The wisdom of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

Kevin’s approach to elevating beauty through photography

The role Kevin plays in his creative partnership with Laura Hollick

How gaming feeds Kevin’s creativity

The value in appreciating what you’ve accomplished

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