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Focus on Fulfillment to Transform Your Life—with Kevin Palmieri - EP 142

Sometimes rock bottom has a basement. Kevin Palmieri thought he’d seen his lowest point. But after achieving his big goal of earning six figures, Kevin realized that you can have a full bank account—and still be empty inside. His limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities were all still there, shouting as loud as ever. And he found himself contemplating suicide. What did Kevin do to bring himself back from the edge? And how has shifting his focus from money to fulfillment transformed his life for the better?

Kevin is the creator and cohost of The Hyper Conscious Podcast, a show dedicated to helping listeners become the best version of themselves. Kevin also serves as a keynote speaker, podcast consultant and peak performance coach, and he is on a mission to be the person he needed at his lowest point. Kevin believes that if you change the way you think, you change the way you live, and he is living proof that you can ‘step out of line’ and pursue your dream life.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Kevin joins Emerald to explain why earning six figures didn’t make him feel fulfilled and describe the rock bottom moment when he contemplated suicide. He introduces us to his method of defining your core values, sharing how he makes choices based on his beliefs and says no to opportunities that are out of alignment with being a Great Man. Listen in to understand what inspired the creation of The Hyper Conscious Podcast and learn how replacing toxic habits and people helped Kevin transform his mental health.

What You Will Learn

How earning six figures didn’t make Kevin feel happy or fulfilled

The rock bottom moment when Kevin contemplated suicide

Kevin’s mission to be the person he needed at his lowest point

How Kevin makes choices based on his core values + beliefs

Defining your core values around the traits you admire in others

Kevin’s insight into the characteristics of a Great Man

How eliminating toxic habits + people keep Kevin off the edge

How being on a friend’s show inspired Kevin to start podcasting

How Kevin creates podcast content around what listeners need

The challenges Kevin faced in stepping into entrepreneurship

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