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Ego, Energy and the Social Consciousness of Cryptocurrency with Justin Recla - EP 12

Updated: May 10

“Your ego is trying to kill you because it’s literally trying to keep you constrained in a reality that does not exist … and if we just let go of that and step into who we truly are—energetically, spiritually, and in this projection—magic occurs.”

Justin Recla is a master of intelligence transference and information entanglement, guiding his clients via otherworldly methods of communication and data assimilation. A former counterintelligence agent and expert in risk mitigation, Justin employs a practical approach to spiritual transformation and personal evolution. He is an expert in leveraging the abstract frequency in business as well as the cryptocurrency space.

Today Justin joins Emerald to share his superpowers of intelligence transference and information entanglement. Justin explains how his wife Tonya serves as his spiritual guide, helping him identify and leverage his unique ability to create opportunities out of information overload. He offers insight around tapping into the flow state, making a commitment to your own evolution, and having the courage to defy cultural conditioning. Justin speaks to the relationship between cryptocurrency and self-dominion, revealing how the blockchain reflects a growing social consciousness. Listen in to understand the concept of energy manipulation, and learn how to make choices from a place of empowerment!

What You Will Learn

Justin’s superpowers around information entanglement

How Justin’s wife served as his spiritual guide

How to tap into and trust the flow state

Justin’s commitment to his own evolution

Why we’re afraid to defy cultural conditioning

  • The role of ego

  • Death grip on ‘who we think we are’

The relationship between self-dominion and cryptocurrency

Justin’s insight on the rise of cryptocurrency as a reflection of societal oneness

Why governments and financial institutions are afraid of cryptocurrency

The challenges around energy manipulation

  • Self-dominion allows you to show up fully

  • Facilitates synergistic collaboration

Justin’s take on fear and uncertainty as projections of ourselves

How to make choices from a place of empowerment vs. victimhood

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