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The Art of Healing + Human Connection—with Joshua Carroll - EP 92

We could all use a little more healing and human connection in our lives, and art provides one way to restore ourselves and our relationships with others—especially when that art strips away the boundaries between the creator, the observer and the art itself. In fact, Joshua Carroll contends that the best art invites the audience to come in and be a part of the experience.

Joshua is a core organizer and board member of Catharsis on the Mall, a 48-hour vigil featuring lectures, discussions, workshops, community art, and music to facilitate healing in ourselves, each other and our society. Held on the National Mall in Washington DC, the event seeks to affect our government’s culture to one of compassion and collaboration by demonstrating a different way to relate to each other.

Today, Joshua joins Emerald to share the idea of catharsis as a direct experience that leads to healing or release. He shares his creative values, discussing the power of experiential art to spark human connection. Joshua describes the value of making space for yourself to let go of urgency and connect to Source. He also speaks to the connection between celebration and appreciation, sharing the challenge he faces in pausing to receive when others offer affirmation. Listen in for Joshua’s insight around giving others the autonomy to make decisions and learn how to turn up the volume on your intuitive voice!

What You Will Learn

How Joshua’s calling came when his old story of success was falling apart

How catharsis provides a direct experience that leads to healing or release

How Catharsis on the Mall creates a sense of connection + community

Joshua’s insight on art that provides an experience of full embodiment

How Joshua connects to Source by creating space for himself

Joshua’s approach to empowering others to make decisions

Joshua’s practice of turning up the volume on his intuitive voice

The connection between celebration and appreciation of each other

The value in pausing to receive when others offer affirmation

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