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Replace Your Negative Patterns, One at a Time—with Josh Cary - EP 129

Josh Cary is the creator of The Hidden Entrepreneur, a business coaching platform and podcast dedicated to helping clients overcome fear and improve their lives by coming out of hiding. He spent 15 years working as a professional actor and filmmaker and another 10 running his own digital marketing agency. But he was wearing a mask the whole time, working to gain the approval of others and feeling more and more insecure and isolated. Today, he is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs, creatives and small business owners change the scoreboard to Fear: Zero, You: Won.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Josh joins Emerald to explain how his children inspired him to stop hiding and step into his power. He offers advice around keeping our awareness open to opportunity, stepping out of the role of victim, and finding a community of support as we pursue our big ideas. Listen in for Josh’s insight on the daily practice of committing to change and learn his approach to replacing negative patterns, one at a time.

What You Will Learn

How seeking approval made Josh hide his power and ability

How Josh’s children serve as his WHY to break bad habits

Josh’s insight on the daily practice of committing to change

Josh’s approach to replacing negative patterns one at a time

How Josh found a community of support online

Josh’s fears around stepping out of his role as a victim

Josh’s advice on keeping awareness open to opportunity

How a coach gives us permission to pursue our big ideas

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