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Saying YES to Money AND Fulfillment with Joseph Wang- EP 37

Societal conditioning tells us that our job as men is to make money. But at the end of the day, a seven-, eight- or even nine-figure business doesn’t mean much if we lack inner peace and fulfillment. Life is truly a balancing act, and the challenge lies in saying YES to each new financial milestone without losing sight of what really matters.

Joseph Wang is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur, generating $500K in revenue in his second year of business on Amazon FBA. He is also a self-professed self-development junkie, investing $100K in personal growth by way of masterminds and coaching programs—including the elite Warrior Week Experience.

Joseph joins Emerald to explain how his path to becoming an eCommerce entrepreneur was propelled by feeling. He offers insight around decision-making based on power and production and the idea of feeling as a gift. Joseph discusses the relationship he has cultivated with his inner voice and its impact on his self-development journey. Listen in as Joseph shares the premise of his forthcoming podcast and learn how to strike a balance between money AND fulfillment.

What You Will Learn

How Joseph’s journey in eCommerce was propelled by feeling

How to make decisions based on power and production

The things men do to sedate themselves from feeling

Joseph’s insight on the nature of feelings as a gift

How Joseph calls up a feeling as part of his morning routine

Joseph’s significant investment in self-development

How Joseph has cultivated a relationship with his inner voice

The premise behind Joseph’s Money and Fulfillment podcast

The value in understanding what brings you peace and fulfillment

The shift in thinking required as you reach financial milestones

Joseph’s advice around scaling up without sacrificing your health

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