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Communication Skills for the No-BS Exec—with Jordan Goldrich - EP 154

Do you demand results from yourself and your team? On its own, this uncommon desire to succeed is a very positive trait. But coupled with a no-bullshit communication style, you may be perceived as a bully. So, how can high-performing executives with this Warrior Spirit learn to communicate in a way that inspires action yet also fosters compassion and respect?

Jordan Goldrich is a Master Corporate Executive Coach on a mission to help executives perceived as bullies drive results—without damaging relationships. He recognizes the essential Warrior Spirit of these high performers and challenges them to adopt the Navy SEALs ethos of serving with humility, controlling their emotions and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Jordan is also the coauthor of Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullshit Executive and executive coach at the Center for Creative Leadership.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Jordan joins Emerald to discuss what prompted him to change the way he communicates, explaining why execs who are seen as bullies strike out and how he built new neural pathways in order to respond differently. He walks us through the process of soliciting feedback from your stakeholders and introduces us to the idea of becoming a Workplace Warrior. Listen in for Jordan’s insight on communicating your purpose to the people you work with and get his advice on leading teams through a high-stress situation (like the current global health crisis).

What You Will Learn

How Jordan developed his straightforward communication style

What prompted Jordan’s commitment to change the way he communicates

How execs who are seen as bullies see poor performance as a personal attack

The process of building a new set of neural pathways to respond differently

The value of doing market research on your internal market

Why execs seen as bullies need to know the potential consequences of their actions

How Jordan defines the Warrior Spirit and why we need Workplace Warriors

How to communicate the things you stand for as a human being

Jordan’s core purpose to provoke and support growth and healing

Jordan’s advice to execs on leading through a high-stress situation

  • Make human connection and reassure team

  • Focus back on plan to reengage colleagues

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