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A Scientific Approach to Creativity for Entrepreneurs—with Johnathan Grzybowski - EP 85

For Johnathan Grzybowski, inspiration comes from fulfilling a need. And this scientific approach to creativity is evident in how he launches a new initiative in his business—by asking customers what they want and testing each hypothesis prior to launch.

Johnathan is the cofounder of Penji, a software-as-a-service subscription platform that offers marketing teams access to unlimited graphic design support. Penji was born out of his calling to create job opportunities for entrepreneurs in underserved communities, and the business’ customer base includes national brands like Reebok, 902 Brewing Company and World Market, among many others. He also serves as the host of the #1 business podcast, The Blind Entrepreneur, a show designed to offer entrepreneurs insight around profitability, business development and growth hacking, so they can execute on their vision.

Today, Johnathan sits down with Emerald to share the inspiration for his podcast and explain how his business was built around fulfilling his own need. Johnathan discusses his strength in doing an internal reset when he hears the word ‘no,’ the way he leverages curiosity as a source of courage, and his system for prioritizing the things that matter. Listen in for Johnathan’s insight on implementing a management overview to stay committed and on course—and learn his scientific approach to testing a creative idea with prospective customers before you launch!

What You Will Learn

The inspiration for Johnathan’s Blind Entrepreneur podcast

How Johnathan built a business around filling his own need

How Johnathan does an internal reset after hearing ‘no’

How Johnathan’s curiosity serves as a source of courage

Johnathan’s system for prioritizing the things that matter

The value in testing your hypothesis before you launch

The management overview Johnathan uses to stay on course

Why celebrating wins is an area of opportunity for Johnathan

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