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Chasing Impact Through the 6 Equities of Life with John Marrone - EP 44

‘From now on, I chase IMPACT and income will come. I know it will.’

On October 29, 2012, John Marrone was in his attic with his family, watching the water rise in his new home. He asked himself, ‘What have I done with my life? Why am I here?’ It was in that moment that John decided to stop chasing money and make a commitment to creating an impact in the lives of others.

Today, John has a successful life coaching company and speaking career. He has shared the stage with Tony Robbins and interviewed Darren Hardy, Jay Abraham and Hal Elrod, among many others. John serves as a growth expert, helping his clients gain clarity around what it takes to progress in all six equities of life and create the ULTIMATE version of themselves.

On this episode of the podcast, John joins Emerald to explain his shift from chasing money to chasing impact and trusting that the income will follow. He speaks to the value in studying successful people and implementing their best practices in your own life. John shares his daily habits around gratitude and affirmations, describing how he leverages his WHY to define what’s important—and what isn’t. Listen in for John’s insight on the 6 equities of life and learn how you can make progress in each area on a daily basis!

What You Will Learn

How facing death in Hurricane Sandy inspired John to change his life

Why John chases IMPACT, trusting that the income will follow

How John invests in himself by investigating other successful people

John’s insight around moving beyond consumption to implementation

Why John seeks to identify problems quickly and ‘fail fast’

John’s daily practice of staying in motion

  1. Stay in gratitude

  2. Affirmations

  3. Morning/evening ritual

How being in tune with his WHY helps John in decision-making

John’s 6 equities of life

  • Business, health, relationships, financials, spirit, personal growth

  • Define metric for each to chart goals for week

Why John sees self-awareness as the #1 element of success

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