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Wake Up to Your Greatest Potential—with Dr. John Demartini - EP 157

Are you called to make a difference on the planet? How can you maximize your potential to follow through? According to Dr. John Demartini, when we live by our highest values, we wake up to our greatest potential.

Dr. John is one of the leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He has appeared on major media outlets including Larry King Live and Oprah Magazine, and in documentaries like The Compass, Spirit 2 Power and Oh My God. Dr. John has traveled nearly 20M miles to speak on stages in 154 countries. He has written 10 books and produced more than 60 CDs and DVDs, and his work was featured in the international phenomenon The Secret.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Dr. John joins Emerald to share his journey from street kid to respected teacher, describing the AHA moment when he realized he had the capacity to read and learn. He explains what inspires him to study the common threads among many different disciplines, exploring how each field relates to maximizing human potential. Listen in for Dr. John’s insight around the panpsychic intelligence that permeates the universe and learn how YOU can wake up to your greatest potential!

What You Will Learn

Dr. John’s challenging childhood + teen years as a street kid

The AHA moment Dr. John realized he might be able to read and learn

How Dr. John went on to excel and teach in 154 countries

What inspired Dr. John to study the common threads among many different disciplines

Dr. John’s belief in a panpsychic intelligence that permeates the universe

Dr. John’s interest in anything that maximizes human potential

The definition of a polymath as someone who studies numerous fields

How living by our highest values allows us to wake up our greatest potential

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