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Finding Clients Who Are the Right Fit with Jim Padilla of Gain the Edge - EP 61

Early in your career as an entrepreneur, it is tempting to take on every opportunity that comes your way. But onboarding clients who aren’t the right fit doesn’t serve either one of you. Jim Padilla contends that collaboration is about two people achieving at their greatest together, elevating each other to the best version of themselves. So, how do you get clear on who your ideal clients are? And how do you commit to saying NO when the partnership isn’t ideal?

Jim Padilla is the CEO of Gain the Edge, a dynamic leadership training system for coaches, consultants and executives. His top-flight sales team is the leading service provider for the personal growth, business coaching and direct response marketing industries. Known as the King of Collaboration, Jim and his wife Cyndi help clients generate seven-figure launches and sustainable sales conversion strategies.

Today, Jim sits down with Emerald to explain how his upbringing in an abusive environment informs his work today. He describes his role as a leader behind-the-scenes, supporting people to make changes in their own best interests. Jim also discusses the value in owning your circumstances, replicating the things you are doing right, and choosing clients that bring out the best version of yourself—and vice versa. Listen in for Jim’s insight on communicating boundaries and expectations and learn how his success is fueled by making people feel comfortable and then delivering value.

What You Will Learn

How Jim’s abusive upbringing informs his work today

Jim’s role in leading leaders from behind

Jim’s insight around owning your outcomes

How Jim focuses on replicating what he does right

Jim’s insight around life as a team sport

The value in getting clear on who you serve best

How to choose clients that bring out your best self

The importance of communicating boundaries

Jim’s definition of collaboration as achieving together

Jim’s willingness to introduce prospects to someone else

Jim’s strength in making people feel comfortable and safe

The Gain the Edge sales philosophy

  1. Provide breakthrough experience

  2. Sell product if right fit

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