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Coming Back Home to Your Soul with Jerome Braggs - EP 62

The divine truth is, you are enough. You are whole, worthy and loved. Yet many of us have endured trauma or been shaped by culture to believe that we are not deserving, that we are not enough. And that disconnect often manifests in the form of health challenges. In order to truly be and live well, you must come back home to your soul.

Soul Medicine Man Jerome Braggs is a highly-gifted intuitive, inspirational speaker and conscious business mentor. In 2005, Jerome was diagnosed with AIDS and his kidneys were failing. He was given only 48 hours to live. On his deathbed, Jerome received a message—the key to true healing and wellbeing—to come back home to your soul. Today, he teaches people around the spiritual principles and mindset patterns that allowed him to heal his body and transform his life.

Today, Jerome joins Emerald to share his near-death experience and discuss how it inspired him to uncover what it takes to live well. He explains what it means to come back home to your soul, describing the daily diligence required to hold divine truth in your consciousness. Listen in for Jerome’s insight around the connection between your outer reality and your inner reality—and learn to make choices based on how you want to feel.

What You Will Learn

The message Jerome received from his near-death experience

Jerome’s mission to learn what it takes to be and live well

Jerome’s calling to teach others to come back home to the soul

What it means to come back home to your soul

  • Bring personal and divine truth in alignment

  • Bring energy of soul into body

How Jerome’s illness was a reflection of past trauma

The daily diligence it takes to hold truth in your consciousness

How Jerome learned to say NO and set healthy boundaries

How Jerome draws courage from wanting to live well

How asking how you want to feel each day informs your choices

The connection between your outer reality and inner reality

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