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Create Your Own Life with Podcasting—with Jeremy Slate - EP 105

If following the traditional path has you feeling like a pawn on a chessboard, Jeremy Slate wants you to know that you CAN create your own life—and make money doing it. So, how do you build and monetize a business around your strengths? And how can podcasting serve as the marketing engine that drives your brand?

Jeremy is the host of the Create Your Own Life Podcast and the cofounder and CEO of Command Your Brand, a publicity agency that supports thought leaders in getting booked on top-rated podcasts. Jeremy’s team has launched and produced two iTunes top-rated podcasts and booked clients as expert guests on 500-plus shows. His is also a sought-after speaker on entrepreneurship, podcasting and public relations, appearing at the Outlier Podcast Festival, the New Media Summit, and the Podfest Multimedia Convention, among many other venues. Jeremy was #2 on the list of BuzzFeed’s 7 Millennial Influencers to Follow in 2018, and Create Your Own Life landed the second spot on CIO Magazine’s Top 26 Podcasts to Follow in 2018.

Today, Jeremy joins Emerald to discuss how his mom’s stroke informed his calling to launch the Create Your Own Life Podcast. He describes his willingness to push though difficult situations and move on from efforts that aren’t working out. Jeremy also addresses how following his curiosity guides his creative process, sharing the idea behind his business to help podcast guests elevate each appearance. Listen in for insight on running a podcast as the PR division of your business and learn how to leverage your strengths and design a life you love.

What You Will Learn

How Jeremy was called to launch the Create Your Own Life Podcast

How to identify when to move on from an effort that’s not working out

Jeremy’s willingness to push through failures and difficult situations

How following his curiosity guides Jeremy’s creative process

How Create Your Own Life has evolved to focus on high performers

How Command Your Brand helps podcast guests elevate an appearance

Jeremy’s insight on running a podcast as the PR division of your business

Jeremy’s advice around calling in support to keep you accountable

How celebrating the wins serves as fuel for your next accomplishment

Why it’s crucial to cater your message to a specific, niche audience

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