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Addiction Recovery for the Whole Family with Jeff Jones- EP 56

Addiction recovery tends to focus on the addict alone. But the truth is, the addict functions within the larger context of their family, yet the vast majority of recovery programs don’t address the trauma experienced by family members. It is also more difficult for the addict to stay in recovery when their environment remains stagnant. So, what if we took a holistic approach to addiction recovery, designing a method that includes the entire family?

Jeff Jones is an addiction counselor, therapist, interventionist and family recovery coach. His online platform, The Family Recovery Solution, offers a three-phase program that empowers families to safeguard their loved one in an addictive cycle or recovery, while they engage in a process to end the addiction cycle in this generation. Jeff is passionate about connecting families of addiction with resources and expertise and providing a collaborative approach to healing that transforms the whole family.

Today, Jeff joins Emerald to share his personal experience in a family plagued by addiction and offer insight around the intergenerational transmission of the accompanying grief and pain. Jeff explains his inspiration for developing resources for families with addiction and how he leveraged the model of invitational intervention to get closer to the family dynamics involved. He also describes the three programs offered through Family Recovery Solutions and shares the case study of a doctor who leveraged Jeff’s program to address her son’s addiction. Listen in to understand the significance of including the addict’s environment in the recovery process and learn how family members are impacted by the trauma of addiction.

What You Will Learn

Jeff’s personal experience in a family plagued by addiction

Jeff’s insight around intergenerational transmission

How addiction functions within a larger family context

The value of including the environment in the recovery process

What inspired Jeff to develop resources for families with addiction

How Jeff leveraged the model of invitational intervention

How families tend to ‘orient around addiction’

The three programs Jeff’s Family Recovery Solution offers

How a doctor addressed her son’s addiction with Jeff’s program

The slow, gradual and progressive nature of Jeff’s success

How Jeff celebrates by connecting with the natural world

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