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Are You Financially Prepared for the Unexpected?—with Jay Gabrani - EP 101

Are you ready for any situation life might throw at you? While it’s impossible to prepare mentally or emotionally for the challenges you might face, you can prepare financially. The first step is to make the change internally—and then get educated around getting your money matters in order.

Jay Gabrani is the creator of Prepared Fathers, an educational platform that supports men in securing their family’s financial future. He offers fathers programs and coaching around becoming a better investor and preparing for the unexpected. Jay is also an accountant by training, an experienced entrepreneur and an avid real estate investor. He ran a digital marketing agency, Golden Key Marketing, from 2008 through 2014, before taking a sabbatical to raise his three children.

Today, Jay joins Emerald to share the personal tragedy that inspired Prepared Fathers and discuss how his experience as an accountant and entrepreneur didn’t prepare him to be the executor of his wife’s will. He explains how being a good role model for his kids serves as the source of his courage and how he uses a meditation and gratitude practice to make clear choices in challenging situations. Listen in as Jay challenges Men on Purpose to examine how we are using our 24 hours and learn his CAP formula to prepare for your financial future!

What You Will Learn

The personal tragedy that inspired Prepared Fathers

How real estate investing facilitated Jay’s sabbatical

How Jay’s sons served as the source of his courage

How to make clear choices in challenging situations

  • Meditation + gratitude practice

  • Exercise forgiveness

Jay’s CAP formula to help fathers prepare financially

Jay’s experience as the executor of his wife’s will

Why the desire to make change comes from within

Jay’s advice to focus on education vs. entertainment

Jay’s focus on serving one million Prepared Fathers

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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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