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Get Into Your Body & Connect as Men—with Jason Lange - EP 147

As men, we’re programmed to Lone Wolf it through life. To disconnect from our feelings and avoid physical touch with other men altogether. So, how do we create opportunities to hone our emotional intelligence? How do we learn to access what we’re feeling in our bodies? And how do we create the space to connect with other men and grow together?

Jason Lange is the men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator and evolutionary guide behind Evolutionary Men, a platform for men who want to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and more easily connect with their power. Jason believes every man should be in a men’s group for the growth and support opportunities they provide.

On this episode of Men on Purpose, Jason joins Emerald to discuss the danger around our cultural conditioning to Lone Wolf it through life, explaining how men’s groups made him feel safe to explore his feelings and make physical connections with others. He offers advice on helping other men access their emotional intelligence by modeling masculine touch and sharing our own emotional experiences. Listen in for Jason’s insight on the bravery it takes to be vulnerable and learn how to leverage embodiment to make dating and relating to others much easier!

What You Will Learn

The impact of growing up with little emotional or physical connection

How participating in a men’s group helped Jason discover his purpose

The danger around our cultural conditioning to Lone Wolf it through life

The opportunity men’s groups afford us to access what we’re feeling

How physical touch serves as a route to emotional release

How to help your sons access their emotional intelligence

  1. Model how to hug and connect on deeper level

  2. Be willing to go first in sharing emotional experience

How Jason thinks about homophobia and our fear of sexual energy

The power in owning what you feel and asking for help as necessary

How embodiment made it much easier for Jason to relate to women

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